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Phil's biggest catch Lugdon Lodge 2011
What a catch!

Fish For Your Dinner!

There are many lakes, rivers and streams near Lugdon Lodge to fish in, as well as back country ponds that provide a great opportunity to catch many fish.  “Fishing for your dinner” has long been a tradition at the Lodge. We hope to help you make it a tradition while you vacation with your family at The Lugdon Lodge. Salmon, Togue, Lake Trout, Muskie, are just some of the varieties of fish available.

Bear Hunters who tag out early enjoy spending time fishing Eagle Lake in the kayaks provided at no charge (so long as you wear a life jacket) to hunters and campers.

You can fish Eagle Lake or take a drive to the boundary waters of Beau Lake, St Froid Lake, Glazier Lake.  These lakes are bordered on one side by Maine and the other side by Canada. Fishing is also successful in the waters of the Lake chain beginning with Long Lake in St. Agatha, Maine, flowing into Mud Lake, then into Cross Lake, and continuing into Square Lake and finally ending in Eagle Lake, in the town of Eagle Lake, Maine.

Every LOVES the thrill of feeling a tug on the line! Why not let Lugdon Lodge staff teach you, your children, and your grandchildren how amazing it can be to spend the day near the water fishing for your dinner?

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