Experience a Maine Adventure


Lugdon Lodge is owned and operated by Ed and Marion Lugdon – lifetime residents of Maine.  Four generations of Lugdons and many friends have worked throughout the years to provide adventures in hunting, fishing, dogsledding, mountain climbing, swimming, kayaking and all that Maine has to offer.

Ed and Marion are lifelong Mainers and avid outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Both are licensed Maine guides. They are committed to fostering a love and respect of the outdoors and all it has to offer in the next generation while providing meaningful and successful hunts and adventures for those who already LOVE to be outside.

Ed has over 50 years of experience hunting, fishing and trapping in Maine.  He is a fascinating storyteller and people, young and old, have been known to beg for various stories of hunts or adventures he has been on.  Would you believe he treed a moose once?

Marion has always loved outdoor recreation.  She spends many days hiking, swimming, biking, snowshoeing and now dogsledding with her children and friends.  Marion has hunted, fished and trapped with Ed for over 40 years. She is currently an elementary school teacher.

Ed and Marion are wonderful teachers and extremely talented individuals.  Time spent in their presence is time well spent ! !

Ed and Marion’s children, Shannon, Nickolaus, Dustin, and Courtney work with and for Ed and Marion at the lodge. Shannon is the Development Officer at UMFK. Shannon co-directs children’s camps with Marion and cooks during the hunting season. She and Jesse have 3 children – Cole, Manny and Abi.  Nick is a carpenter by trade and holds a Maine guides license. He and Emily have 2 children – Arthur and Michaela. Courtney is an RN, owns and operates a lodge and guiding service. She leads camper expeditions during summer camps. She and Randy have 4 children, Mason, Zander, Dusty and Charleigh. Dustin welds across the country and returns as a licensed Maine guide during the hunting season. He and Michelle spend time hunting, camping and exploring all year! Ed and Marion’s children and grandchildren share a love of the outdoors, and have hunted, fished and explored many parts of Maine with Ed and Marion! Courtney and Manny have taken the guides course and should be licensed by hunting season 2021!

2 responses

  1. Emily Fournier

    Really wanting to join this camp. I do think I’ll sleep overnight but it sounds like fun!!! Thinking about doing the Spring Fever Adventure but I think I might need some carpooling involved. My parents are going to Las Vegas and my grandparents will watch me and my siblings. Can I bring my own bow for the archery part of it? I don’t get to use it very much at all so nows my time. I know Mrs. Shannon because her daughter Abby is my friend and she’s in the same class as me. I really hope that she’ll be there to keep me company! Thank you in advance! By the way I’m eligible because I’m 11 years old!! 😊


    March 6, 2016 at 10:15 pm

  2. Emily,
    Miss Shannon here! If you are serious about camp and have discussed it with your parents, I can send you a registration form in your email. I don’t know if carpooling as a day camper can be set up or not. It will depend on who else is attending and if there are any other day campers near you.
    Send me an email -lugdonlodge@gmail.com
    It would be great to have you with us, it’s sooooooo much fun!

    ~Miss Shannon


    March 31, 2016 at 1:45 pm

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