Experience a Maine Adventure


Dogsledding Weekend

Chris has been to every Summer and Winter Adventure camp offered at Lugdon Lodge.  He spent last weekend at the Lodge dogsledding with Ed and Marion!

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With this new snow, the dogsled trails are still great!  Give Marion a call and you could be chasing the Easter Bunny with a team of Huskies.

Bear Hunt Praise

We received this email from a 4-H club in New York.  Ed donated a hunt for them to raffle off during a fundraiser last year.


I got a first hand account from Colleen  and Logan about their bear hunt.  I bet you had as much fun as they did!  Apparently they are looking forward to a return hunt.  Seeing the hunt through their eyes and hearing about their adventure was  a genuine delight!

Thank you for providing the opportunity of a lifetime… “
Thanks for the praise, we had a blast hunting with you too, and can’t wait to hunt with you all again!!



Summer Adventure Camp

Acting Out 2013 will be July 14 – 19th

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Campers 8 – 18 will arrive Sunday July 14 and move their things into their assigned cabins.  We will head over to Hedgehog Mountain for a quick climb and a picnic lunch.  Then it’s back to the Lodge for Swimming and Try-outs.  After try-outs is dinner and an opening campfire!  And that’s just the first day!!  One of our return campers, fondly referred to as Zannanananananananaaa, said a couple years ago “best part of camp is that every day we do a weeks worth of stuff!”

If you love being outside, kayaking, swimming, hiking, playing field games, and have a desire to be part of a full scale theater production – This is the Adventure of a Lifetime!  Acting Out 2013 will be amazing – be a part of it!

Space is limited, reserve your spot soon by calling Marion at 207-444-4557

Can-Am Crown International Sled Dog Races!

We love dogsledding!  Check out the local Sled Dog Race  – The Can-Am Crown – at http://www.can-am-crown.net/

Good Luck and Safe Racing to all the participants!!

Dogsledding Videos

You can check out our dogsledding video clips on our Facebook page – While you’re there, LIKE us on Facebook!!!

Cool and a Bit Breezy at the Lodge this Morning!!

Eagle Lake is reported to be having a heat wave this morning!  With the morning temperature already 15 degrees higher than yesterday!  Of course the high yesterday was 20 below zero! 




Join us for a weekend Dogsledding Adventure!!


There are many options for the Dogsledding Adventure. Let me describe two.

You and your family or a group of friends can reserve a weekend cabin rental with dogsledding for as low as $550. This includes running the dogs at least 3 times, once Saturday morning, again Saturday afternoon and a third time Sunday morning. This price also includes use of our cross country skis and snowshoes. And don’t forget the Lugdon Lodge is located on Eagle Lake so you can ice fish all weekend as well!!

Another option is to come out for the day Saturday or Sunday. For $100 you will get to know the dogs, have a lesson on Mushing and then head out for a ride in the dogsled and even a chance to drive the dogs. You can enjoy the use of our skis and snowshoes as well as the lake if you want to fish before or after dogsledding. Discounts available for groups.

Shannon here, Ed and Marion’s oldest daughter.
I just spent the Christmas Vacation at the Lodge. It was wonderful!! We started the week out hooking the dogs up to the four-wheeler and they pulled us down to the end of Sly Brook and back. Then it snowed!! Not only was it beautiful, but the trail was perfect!! We went out on a number of runs – Jesse, Manny and Marion took turns driving and Abby spent a good amount of time in the dogsled. Give Ed and Marion a call to spend an afternoon or a weekend dogsledding and having an adventure of a lifetime at the Lodge! My kids want to spend every moment they can at the Lodge – and every adventure is better than the one before!

A 2012 memory from Manny

After Acting Out I really enjoyed hanging out with all the kids who stayed.  We swam, kayaked and went down to the rope swing.  The best part was the late night fires at the waterfront drinking Caramel Milk!

A 2012 Memory from Abby

One of my favorite memories is during the first week of the Bear Hunt.  I used my Nintendo DS to take pictures of the Connecticut Bow Hunters and then I drew funny beards and things on their faces! 

Happy Holidays!

Ed, Marion, and the staff at the Lugdon Lodge want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have enjoyed another wonderful year hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, climbing mountains, swimming, kayaking, picking fiddleheads, acting and dogsledding! We look forward to many new adventures during 2013! Leave us a note about your favorite 2012 adventure at The Lodge – the Lugdon family will tell their favorite memories over these last few days of this year.

URGENT!!! NEW EMAIL lugdonlodge@gmail.com

Hi all,

Due to a few glitches at Fairpoint Communication, we have decided to go with a new email provider.  The new email is effective immediately.  lugdonlodge@gmail.com will be the only email available to Ed and Marion.  In fact it appears that the majority of emails sent within the last week or two are lost somewhere in Cyber Space.  If we have not responded to a recent email sent to the Fairpoint address, please resend it to the new email.  Another one of the ‘glitches’ on Fairpoint’s part is inability to recover our contacts. Please email us with your contact information so we can update our address book.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

September Moose Hunt

Just a couple photos of this Septembers VERY successful Moose Hunt

Marion’s Bear!

Marion Lugdon, co-owner and registered Maine Guide, shot her first bear last night!  Marion has been hunting the last week of the season or after the guided hunts are finished for the season since the Lodge opened in 2006.  Last night she took a 271lb black bear!  The family, staff and especially the grand-kids are soooo excited for her!

522 lb Black Bear

Tonight the guides at Lugdon Lodge had to take this bear into Quigly’s Hardware in Fort Kent to weigh because our scale doesn’t go that high!  Congratulations on this gorgeous 522 lb black bear!

Week One Bear Hunt

What a great first week of hunting we had at the Lodge this year!  2 bear over 300 lbs!

Check out a few ph0tos from the first week.  If you hunted with us this year and have some photos for the website, email them to Ed and Marion and we’ll get them up as soon as possible.

There are still spots available for Third Week.  If you are interested give Ed a call and you could be on the website with your Maine Black Bear next week!

Congratulations All Moose Permit Winners!!!

The staff at the Lugdon Lodge congratulates all of those hunters who won a Moose Permit in Saturday’s drawing!

We offer guided hunts during all three weeks in Zones 2 and 3.  We also offer cabin rentals and meal plans for those who prefer to hunt without a guide.  Check out our Moose Hunting page under Hunting Adventures for more details.

Fiddleheads and Fish

This spring has been VERY fruitful at the Lodge!  The fish have been biting for Ed and sons, Nick and Dustin! 

Below are some pictures of Ed, Marion and daughters Shannon and Courtney with Courtney’s boys fiddleheading this spring.  Grammie (Marion) challenged the boys to fill their one gallon ice cream buckets before she filled her 5 gallon pail.  Shannon and Courtney froze over 50 quarts of fiddleheads!  This spring Fish and Fiddleheads are ‘What’s For Supper’ at the Lodge!!

Moose Drawing

Staff at the Lodge are busy getting ready for Acting Out Kids camp, but we haven’t forgotten about all the Moose Hunters!!  The 2012 Moose Permit Lottery Drawing will be held on Saturday June 23, 2012, at 4 p.m., at Oquossoc Marina in Rangeley!!  More information on the Moose Hunt or any hunting and fishing in Maine can be found on Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s website – www.maine.gov/ifw !!

Acting Out

Shannon emailed out registration forms for Acting Out this morning.  If you didn’t receive one and want one, drop us an email or call Marion at the lodge!  Registrations and deposits are due now.  Children’s Stage Adventure and Lugdon Lodge will present The Emperor’s New Clothes this year with the camper’s from Acting Out!  Don’t miss the Adventure of a Lifetime!


Congratulations to all those Thespians in Aroostook County who worked with Children’s Stage Adventures this week!  Marion and Courtney were able to see Madawaska’s, Wallagrass’s, and Woodland’s performances!  You all rocked!

If you are interested in coming to Acting Out at Lugdon Lodge give Marion a call soon.  Space is limited and we are filling up fast!  See the Acting Out page on our site for more information about camp.

Still Dogsledding

It’s been wonderfully warm this weekend in Eagle Lake.  Ed and Marion enjoyed dogsledding this morning in 50 degrees!! 

In other news, We are booking for the 2012 Bear Hunt!  Give Ed a call and come hunt with the best guides you will ever find!  I hear the food is great too! 


Dog Sledding

Inspired by the recent Can-Am, Ed and Marion took two teams out this past weekend.  Ed driving one team of 8 dogs and Marion driving a team of 6.  Ed led the teams all the way to Blake Lake!  Approximately 10 miles round trip!

If you are interested learning about the dogs, riding and even driving a team of dogs on the Lake or up through the woods, give them a call.   You can book one run which takes a couple hours or an entire weekend with a cabin rental and run a few different teams.  It’s a great experience!