Experience a Maine Adventure

Variety Adventure

July 26 – 31

A.T. is coming back!!  That means – ARCHERY at the Lodge!

A.T. will be back with his archery equipment and expertise the week of Variety Adventure.  Campers will practice their skills with a bow and arrow.  Non-Campers – children and adults – can book one hour lessons as well.  Private and Group lessons will be available – Schedule will be based on pre-registrations, first come – first served.

This Variety Adventure is not just for children and their families.  We welcome adults for an afternoon, a day or two, THE  WHOLE WEEK!!

QUILTING with Judy Babbidge will be available Tuesday – Saturday July 28 – Aug 1, 9am – Noon

SCRAPBOOKING will be available all day Monday, July 26 – Friday, July 31

ART LESSONS with Gert will be available Monday, July 26 – Thursday, July 30, 9am-11am

ARCHERY with A.T. will be available all day Monday, July 26 – Thursday, July 30

AND DON”T FORGET – Ben Regan will be with us again – Those campers (children and adults) who stay the whole week will be performing a Variety Show Friday night!

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