Experience a Maine Adventure

Spring Fever Adventure!!

Archery, Acting and Adventure are coming your way over April’s School Vacation.  April 19-23!  (If you received a flyer, the date may be wrong)

Archery lessons will be provided by A.T. and Lisa from Archery Addictions in Pennsylvania.  They have a traveling Archery Range and bows in all sizes, ready for campers to learn to shoot straight and true!  A.T. and Lisa participated in the bear hunt at Lugdon Lodge last fall.  Marion learned about the innovative program they run in PA where they bring their range to schools for children to learn about responsible handling of bows.  Anyone who knows Marion, knows she always gets her way!  So, A.T. and Lisa agreed to come North with their range for our campers!!  You can see more about their program for school age children here www.archeryaddictions.com

As for Acting Variety Show Thursday evening put on by campers will be facilitated by Ben, a member of Children’s Stage Adventure.  Ben directed Androcles and the Lion with Children’s Stage Adventure during Acting Out at Lugdon Lodge last summer.

Adventures will depend on weather.  But, with about a BAZILLION years combined experience entertaining children during school, phys. ed class, and adventure camps, Marion and the Lugdon Lodge staff will be ready with weather appropriate activities, indoor and as much as possible OUTDOOR!!!  You can be assured there will be campfires, s’mores and many memories to last a lifetime for all campers!

The overnight adventure costs $250.  Daycampers pay just $150 and provide their own transportation.  We may be able to help facilitate some carpooling though.

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