Experience a Maine Adventure

Day 2 of Camp!

What a busy day!  We had soooo much fun!

You can see some pictures if you click on 2012 Winter Adventure Photos

The morning was spent sliding down the hill between the dining hall and the main drive, dogsledding and playing games in the dining hall.

The ‘train’ slide was created.  The ‘train’ slide is when about a dozen campers all hold on to each other and slide at the same time resulting in a big pile of hats, mittens, boots and laughter at the bottom of the hill.

Then all the campers and staff strapped on snowshoes and hiked into the woods about a mile to have a campfire and roast hotdogs for lunch.  Just when everyone had their full of hotdogs, Jen brought out the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers – S’MORES!

Back at camp we spent some time dogsledding and sliding and just before dinner we played a friendly game of Snow Soccer!!  Kim’s team vs. Courtney’s team.  Both say their team won!

After dinner we worked up an appetite for dessert by playing a few rounds of Tin Can Alley (Kick the Can)!  It was a blast.

While walking back to our cabins after filling our bellies with brownies, Paul, a camper from NY, pointed out Orion’s belt!

Too much fun for one day!  And tomorrow, we plan on having EVEN more.

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