Experience a Maine Adventure

Extended Trail

Winter Adventure just got longer – Well, the trail did anyway!  Ed and Marion spent the weekend (with a temperature high of 4 degrees) extending the dogsled trail.  For those of you who know the area, it now runs all the way from the Lodge to Blake Lake.  Making the trail involves Ed and Marion snowshoeing the proposed trail to pack it down enough for the snowmobile to travel on it.  Then they run the snowmobile over it a few time (they only got stuck a couple times).  Once it’s packed, Ed ‘drags’ the trail; a process that flattens it out taking away the majority of the snowy pot holes.  Lastly they hook up the dogs and take them out for a trial trail run!  The first run was great and Marion is running each night after school to keep the dogs in shape for Winter Adventure Camp! 

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