Experience a Maine Adventure

Tuesday of Acting Out 2011

WHAT A GREAT DAY!  Game warden, Chad, came to talk with all campers about water safety.  One group even purposely tipped the canoe they were in during a survival experience.

The weather cooperated most of the day, but we were did end up inside playing ping-pong and competing in a puzzle tournament for about an hour while the thunder and lightening came down the lake.  It was a beautiful rain and then the clouds cleared away and we were left with a gorgeous blue sky and sunset.

As I type, the older campers are singing while Jesse plays guitar and Chris thumps out the rhythm.  The younger campers are with Rob and Laurie participating in a theater workshop.  As I was leaving, Camper Andy was involved in a skit as Tarzan!

In answer to the question “What was the best part of today?” Camper Tiana says “Definitely the canoe tipping!”

To answer the question myself, I’d have to say watching Momma Duck with her babies swim through the swimming area!

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