Experience a Maine Adventure

Big Dreams

Moose Hunts, Bear Hunts, Theater Performances and Outdoor Adventures fill the dreams of the Lugdon Lodge Staff!

So much is going on right now to prepare for both the upcoming Children’s Adventure Camps and the fall hunting seasons.  Ed, Marion, Nick and Dustin (all registered Maine guides) are keeping track of every moose they see.  Marion, Jen, Shannon, Emily, and Courtney are busy preparing schedules, cabins and menus for Acting Out.  Jesse and Marion – collaborating despite the fact they live in different states – are finalizing the games and activities and adventures for Acting Out campers. 

We LOVE the adventures the Lugdon Lodge offers us.  We want to share those adventures with you and your children.

Call today to book a hunt or enroll your child in Acting Out 2011 or Winter Adventure 2012!

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